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Find out how GembaDocs customers are moving the needle in their businesses

NOTHING delights us more at GembaDocs than seeing our customers drive to success by using the software that we've put so much effort into building! Literally every week, we come across new content...

SOP software SOPs SOP Standard Operating Procedure Digital Work Instructions Digital Workplace

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The Ever So Lean Podcast

Our Co-Founder Tom Hughes has been on most of the world's top Lean Podcasts.  From Ron Pereira's Gemba Academy Podcast, Ryan Tierney's Lean Made Simple, with Patrick Adams, the list goes...

SOP's standard operating procedures podcast lean GembaDocs Matt Simms Ever So Lean Podcast

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How to get SOP's in place in your organisation

This is still the most common question that we get asked. That's because without experience, it can really be a daunting position to be in. The leaders of the organisation know that well implemented...

SOP's SOP SOP Implementation How to make an SOP Standard Operating Procedures SOP Software

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How to do kanban cards (the G.R.E.A.T. WAY)

At Lumen, we used to have constant stock outs, over stock, obsolete stock, chaos around have we ordered this?, when is that due in? On and on... Kanbans changed all that. Kanbans done with GembaDocs REALLY...

kanban kanban cards how to do kanban SOP Software kanban card software free kanban card template

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The process is not improved until it's standardised!

30th May, 2023 So often we make a great "improvement" to a process, only to find a few days later, that it's faded away. Nobody is following that new process, it just didn't stick. Masaaki Imai,...

lean standard operating procedures standardisation digital work instructions SOP software

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Put the answer where the question is with GembaDocs

We love it when clients send us videos about how they are using GembaDocs! This one came in from Luci Acquino at the Traffic Safety & Supply Company in Portland Oregon, who are one of our first customers!...

lean standard operating procedures standardisation digital work instructions SOP software GembaDocs

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